Avana delivers modern and cutting-edge IT business solutions!

Avana provides services such as computer and equipment maintenance, network management, and application software. The primary objective of the Avana team is to select the most suitable solutions for their clients, both hardware and software to optimize performance and minimize the risk of failures.

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Our primary focus is to provide a customized solution that precisely meets your requirements.


Access high-speed and secure internet through our range of services designed to cater to diverse user needs.

IT support

Entrusting the maintenance of your IT infrastructure to our skilled professionals allows you to focus on what truly matters - the core of your business.


What sets us apart from our competition is our dedication to evolving alongside our clients. We believe in open and transparent communication, ensuring that after every service or product purchase, we remain available to provide advice and assistance to our clients.

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Our primary focus is to provide a customized solution that precisely meets your requirements!

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Tell us about your problem, and together we will create a strategy to overcome it. Let’s forge a partnership that will help you grow your business.

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Frustrated with reporting failures without prompt responses? Tired of waiting days for computer checks of email replies? Request our Professional IT assessment to put an end to these issues.

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The Avana team will promptly reach out to understand your needs thoroughly. This ensures we deliver a tailored solution, allowing you to focus on your business seamlessly.

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No need to wait for weeks to see things improve. Avana team starts working on agreed activities immediately and provides regular progress reports. You can expect additional suggestions for potential enhancements too.

The safety of your business is guaranteed in our hands.