Computers and equipment procurement and maintenance

We’re here to make sure your technology runs smoothly, so you can prioritize what truly matters – your business growth and success.

Regular preventive computer and equipment checkups will protect them against unforeseen issues that may hinder efficiency or even disrupt business operations.

IT support includes maintaining laptops, computers, and associated software (Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office, Antivirus), as well as servers, network and Internet devices (routers, switches, modems), wireless equipment, video surveillance, alarms, printers, scanners, telephone lines, and other peripheral devices.

Our team of experts conducts regular system checks to address any issues before they escalate into serious problems.

Our computer and equipment maintenance services include:

  • Technical support is available remotely or on-site at your business premises
  • Diagnostics, configuration, and optimization of the network (Cisco, MikroTik, Check Point), resolving network issues
  • Diagnostics, configuration, and optimization of workstations and servers
  • Regular hardware servicing and maintenance for workstations and servers
  • Periodic application updates
  • Scheduled data backup, either on-site or at a remote location.

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