Software licenses procurement and maintenance

Since the start of 2010, routine visits to companies involved market inspections scrutinizing the software installed on all company computers.

Until now, a considerable number of employers operating unlicensed software on their computers have experienced consequences, including hefty fines and the confiscation of unauthorized software.

Software Licenses and Equipment

Software licensing is essential to a successful business and helps corporations protect their intellectual resources, generate revenue, establish collaboration, and maintain brand integrity, which in turn contributes to their long-term market success.

We offer licenses and equipment at the most competitive prices. Additionally, we ensure quick implementation and upgrade of the necessary licenses.

In the event of a major malfunction, our IT experts will swiftly resolve the issue in the shortest time frame possible.

Our offer includes the following services:

  • Legalization, procurement, installation, and maintenance of operating systems (Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, and others) on all computers.
  • Legalization, procurement, installation, and maintenance of Microsoft Office packages on all computers.
  • Procurement, installation, and maintenance of anti-virus software on all computers.
  • Acquiring licenses for various software applications (such as Adobe Creative, etc.)
  • Updating existing software and licenses to optimize your business operations.


What is a software license?

The majority of software isn’t sold outright; instead, manufacturers offer their clients the right to use it. When a client purchases software, they’re acquiring the right to use it for a specific period, which can be either unlimited or limited.

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