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Benefit from high-speed and secure Internet access through Avana’s tailored services designed to serve various client needs.

4G internet

The 4G mobile internet service offers a reliable connection across the country, ensuring stable connectivity no matter your location. Our packages operate on a monthly subscription model, providing a set amount of GB usage for the month. The data traffic included in this subscription is restricted to use within national borders.

Wireless internet

The wireless WiFi Internet access is tailored for business users and operates via a wireless connection to the nearest Avana base station utilizing a PtP (Point-to-Point) link. Avana has an extensive network of WiFi base stations throughout Belgrade, offering connection speeds exceeding 100 Mb/s.

Optical Internet

If you want safe, fast, and symmetrical internet access, we recommend our premium Internet service powered via optical fibers. This cutting-edge method provides high-speed broadband internet access, facilitating the utilization of services with superior data transfer speeds.

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Internet speed test

Speedtest is a popular online tool and mobile app designed for testing your internet connection speed. It assesses various aspects of your internet speed, including download and upload speeds, ping (latency), and sometimes even packet loss.